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*Any Package can be custom tailored to your budget and needs.

Do you have a bad smell in your vehicle? Add the Ozone Treatment to any package for $49.00 to eliminate those lingering odors.

Quick Maintenance Clean

This package is suited for returning customers who like to keep up with regular cleanings. We recommend booking this package once a month after having a “Full Meal Deal” completed.

  • Spray foam exterior wash and chamois dry
  • Wheels and Tires cleaned and dressed
  • Door jams cleaned
  • Interior vacuum
  • Interior panel wipe down and windows made to sparkle
  • Free exterior protectant to shine and repel water from your paints surface

2-3 HR

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The “Not so Basics”

We recommend this package to customers with a vehicle needing a good clean without the need of upholstery cleaning or paint polishing. With the Bead Maker included, your vehicle will shine and be protected from water and sun for roughly 30 days.

  • Spray foam exterior wash and chamois dry
  • Tires cleaned and dressed for any occasion
  • Door jams and kick panels cleaned
  • Dash, console and interior door panels wiped down
  • Exterior protectant “The Bead Maker” included.” A $79.00 added value.
  • Full interior vacuum including trunk
  • Windows made to sparkle
  • Vents all cleaned and blown out for contaminant removal
  • Leather cleaned and treated
  • Interior/Exterior Moldings cleaned and dressed


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The “Nitty Gritty”

The “Nitty Gritty” is suited for customers that need more focus on the interior with an engine bay wash and an amazing wax protection. We dive right in and clean all of the hard to reach areas inside with stain removal and even the headliner cleaned. The exterior will have an amazing hand wax applied to shine and protect.

Everything from the “Not So Basics” plus:

  • Interior shampoo and stain remover
  • Engine Bay degreased and cleaned
  • Hand wax for an amazing shine and protection
  • Headliner scrub and spot removal

*For $35.00 add the Clay Bar service to remove contaminants on the paint for an extra smooth finish.


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The “Full Meal Deal”

This package is suited to customers looking to restore their vehicle to new condition, or as close as possible. Polishing swirls and scratches restoring the paints shine. With the “Full Meal Deal” your vehicle gets all of the BEST treatments we have to offer. If you want your vehicle looking it’s best and protected from our extreme Okanagan weather, book this package and you won’t be disappointed.

Everything from the “Not So Basics” and “Nitty Gritty” plus:

  • Road tar and bug removal
  • Clay bar exterior paint to remove any surface debris to smooth out paint
  • Polish and wax exterior to remove surface scratches and restore the paint to a beautiful shine.


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Surcharges: Extra soiled vehicles, bodily fluids, Pet hair removal, heavily stained interiors will incur surcharges. For the most accurate quote, please inform us during your call if you have any of these or other issues needed to be resolved to avoid any surprises on appointment date.

A La Carte

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Full Interior Clean

  • Door Jams and kick panels
  • Dash, door panels and console cleaned and protected
  • Vents all blown out and cleaned
  • Windows made to sparkle
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned (where applicable)
  • Full vacuum including trunk
  • Carpets and seats shampoo/deodorize
  • Floor mats cleaned


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Exterior Polishing Package

Package includes complete wash of exterior with tire clean/shine, clay bar of all panels to remove contaminants on the paint, power polish for scratch and swirl removal and wax for that showroom shine.

Bring the best out of your vehicles paint at the same time as protecting it from the Okanagan weather with a full polish package. If your paint feels like sandpaper and is dull from all of those washes and wear, we can restore it and protect it to that showroom shine.

*The "Bead Maker” add on for $49.00.


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Specialty Services

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Ozone Treatment

Eliminate those bad odors in your vehicle with this excellent interior treatment. Works well against smoke smells, mold/mildew, and any other general unwanted scents. This treatment is best done after a thorough cleaning to ensure that the source of the smell is removed.

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Headlight Restore

Restores those foggy headlights so they can shine bright. You will see the difference clean headlights make after they have been restored. Cleans and protects to get the most out of your nighttime drives.

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Tar, bug and contaminant removal

Did you just take a long drive and have bugs stuck to your vehicle? Did you go through road construction and end up with tar down the side of the paint? We can help remove most contaminants from the surface of your paint so it can be washed, waxed and protected again safely.

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The "Bead Maker”

Protect your paint from hard water and the harsh weather the Okanagan can throw at us with our Bead Maker service. Recommended once a month, this service will repel harsh weather and prevent it from sticking and staining your clear coat.

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Graphene/Ceramic Exterior Treatments

By combining the unreal durability of Ceramic with the long-lasting protection of Graphene, we are pleased to offer some of the BEST products on the market to protect your investment. With multiple levels of protection offered between 2 fantastic services, your vehicle's paint will be able to withstand the harsh Okanagan weather each year.

1+ Year Graphene Protection

Get the amazing protection that Graphene offers with our 1 Year Graphene Protection service. The surface of your paint will be cleaned of all impurities (ie. road tar, fallout, brake filings) then treated with our 1-year protection. This ensures that the product adheres properly to the paint for maximum protection.

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Graphene Infused Ceramic Coating 3 to 5+ year protection

Get the ultimate in protection with the latest advancements in Ceramic and Graphene coatings. For those who want nothing but the BEST for their investment and are looking for long-term protection, this is what you are looking for. Extremely durable and unmatched water repellency this service gives you 3+ years of protection and includes one seasonal booster before the winter season begins. Also includes paint prep to remove impurities and minor scratch/swirl removal before treatment for the ultimate protection and shine.

3+ Year Protection Package - $999

Extremely durable and unmatched water repellency this service gives you 3+ years of protection and includes one seasonal booster before the winter season begins. Also includes paint prep to remove impurities and minor scratch/swirl removal before treatment for the ultimate protection and shine.

5+ Year Protection Package - $1299

This service includes everything in the 3+ year service and adds a second layer of coating to achieve 5+ years of Protection.

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